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Minute™ Single Nuclei Isolation Kit for Plant Tissues (20 preps)

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Single nuclei have become the ideal materials for next-generation genomics and proteomics. However, isolating high-quality single nuclei from plant tissues remains challenging. Most lab-developed methods are limited to specific tissue or species, and no standard protocol and buffer system exist to handle all tissue types from different species. Significant optimization may be needed for different samples. One major drawback of traditional methods is the clumping or aggregation of isolated nuclei, making them difficult for applications such as single nucleus RNA-seq and ATAC analysis. This kit is designed to rapidly isolate well-separated single nuclei from tissues of model and widely-studied plants with minimal clumping using a specially designed spin column and proprietary buffers.  The protocol takes about 30 minutes and requires only 150-200mg of the starting material.

Figure 1. Single nuclei isolated from plant leaves. Trypan blue staining (magnification: X 100) Figure 2. Crude genomic DNAs extracted from isolated nuclei 1. A. Thaliana, 2. Soybean, 3. S. Viridis, 4. Maize

Kit Components:

 Buffer A

25 ml

Buffer B

20 ml

Buffer C

10 ml

Filter Cartridges


2.0 ml collection tubes




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