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Minute™ Western Blot Stripping Solution (250 ml)

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Minute™ Western Blot Stripping Solution is designed to rapidly strip antibodies bound to antigens on Western blotting membranes using chemiluminescent substrate. One of the major advantages of chemiluminescent detection is high sensitivity and the ability to strip reagents from a blot and reprobe the same blot. Reprobing Western blots are very useful for optimizing the blotting conditions, such as testing different antibody dilution and membrane-blocking conditions. The key to this process is to use conditions that cause the release of the antibody from the antigen without causing a significant amount of antigen to be released from the membrane. During the stripping procedure, a small amount of antigen is inevitably lost from the membrane. It is important to minimize this loss by stripping the antibody under gentle conditions. Minute Western Blot Stripping Solution is able to achieve maximum removal of antibodies from a membrane and preserve the integrity of the antigen in 10-15 minutes without using harsh conditions such as boiling or treating with strong reducing agents. A blot can be stripped and reprobed multiple times to visualize multiple proteins or to optimize experimental conditions without the need for running multiple gels.

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Western Blot Stripping Solution

250 ml

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