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Minute™ Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Muscle Tissues/Cultured Muscle Cells (50 preps)

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Muscle cells have large number of mitochondria because they are continually used to move the body.  Another mitochondrion-rich organ is the heart where mitochondria make up about 40% of the heart cells. However, isolation of mitochondria from muscle tissues can be difficult due to that fact that interfibrillar mitochondria are hidden deep among muscle fibrils. Traditional methods usually require polytron tissue disintegrator and ultracentrifuge for purification with high density medium such as Percoll gradient. This kit was developed using our proprietary technologies, making mitochondria isolation from muscles simple, rapid and user friendly. Intact mitochondria can be isolated from fresh/frozen muscle tissues in about 1h with higher yield.

Kit includes:



Buffer A

25 ml

Buffer B

10 ml

Filter Cartridges

50 units

Collection tubes with cap (2 ml)

50 units

Plastic rods

2 units

Tissue dissociation beads

5 grams


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