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Minute™ Rubisco Depletion Kit


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Plants perceive signals from the environment through leaves. One of the major goals of the scientific community is to dissect the components of signaling cascades by analyzing the leaf proteome. However, the major bottleneck is presence of a high-abundant protein —Rubisco, which accounts for majority of leaf protein ranging from 40-80%. High level rubisco masks the detection and identification of low abundant proteins by LC-MS/MS-based method. A specific IgY conjugated resin is available commercially for depletion of rubisco from extracted total protein but only small amount of protein can be handled and it is very costly. Other methods have been described in the literatures but are usually tedious and time consuming. The MinuteTM Rubisco Depletion Kit is designed to overcome these disadvantages by using a specialized filter cartridge coupled with proprietary rubisco depletion buffer. The same, if not better, results can be obtained with a much easier and straighter forward protocol in about 1h. The rubisco-depleted total protein can be used for many downstream applications such as SDS-PAGE, 2DE and LC MS/MS analysis.


Kit includes:



Buffer A

15 ml

Buffer B

5 ml

Buffer C

1 ml

Pestle for 1.5 ml microfuge tube

20 units

Filter Cartridges with Collection Tubes

20 units

Protein Extraction Powder

4 grams

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