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Invent Biotechnologies, founded in 2010, is renowned globally for revolutionizing protein extraction and cell fractionation. We have developed innovative spin column-based technologies for protein research that simplify and enhance sample preparation. This results in smoother workflows and consistently reliable outcomes, leading to superior data quality. Researchers who opt for our Minute™ Kits for protein extraction and cell fractionation can trust that their samples accurately represent the natural characteristics of the cells or tissues being studied. These kits only require a benchtop centrifuge, minimizing experimental variables and ensuring high-quality materials for more dependable data. The effectiveness of the Minute™ approach is supported by an increasing number of publications, including mentions in prestigious scientific journals such as Nature, Science, and Cell.
The Minute™ Benefits:
• Super-fast (as quick as 1 minute)
• Small sample size
• Minimized cross contaminations
• Unaltered endogenous baseline
• All living organism and tissue types
The Minute™ Applications:
• Protein trafficking/translocation
• Protein-protein interaction
• Protein modification
• Signal transduction
• sc/snRNA-seq

Invent Biotechnologies Product Introduction