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Reinventing Protein Sample Preparation and Cell Fractionation

Since its establishment in 2010, our primary goal has been to revolutionize the global market for protein extraction and cell fractionation using our innovative spin column-based technologies. We aim for our Minute™ Kits to become the standard laboratory procedure, replacing all solution-based sample preparation methods. By utilizing these kits, researchers can achieve consistent results and obtain superior data quality with nothing more than a benchtop centrifuge.

Transforming protein extraction

Our Minute™ Kits for total protein extraction employ a simple spin column that effectively eliminates non-systematic protein loss during the lysis of cells or tissues. This represents a significant advancement over conventional solution-based approaches like RIPA buffer and sonication, which are known for their variability and inability to provide a comprehensive protein profile. Compatible with small sample sizes from various living organisms and tissue types, Minute™ Kits for total protein extraction offer researchers an unaltered baseline of endogenous proteins, enabling more precise quantitation and analysis.

Revamping cell fractionation

Traditional cell fractionation methods have long suffered from user bias and inconsistent outcomes due to the absence of a straightforward protocol. Our Minute™ Kits for cell fractionation have revolutionized the process, allowing researchers to obtain highly pure organelle populations in under 90 minutes, with minimal detergent usage. By employing a simple spin column, these kits reduce the number of experimental variables by eliminating the need for traditional techniques such as homogenization, density gradient separation, and ultra-centrifugation. This prevents organelle damage and yields more consistent and physiologically relevant results. With a wide range of Minute™ Kits available to meet diverse cell fractionation requirements, we are driving transformation in proteomic research.

Supporting all research disciplines

Designed to seamlessly integrate into existing protein extraction and cell fractionation workflows, Minute™ Kits offer rapid and consistent performance, ensuring reliable results. However, don't just take our word for it – our products have been extensively cited in scientific literature, indicating a growing demand within the research community for simplified and dependable sample preparation methods. Make the switch to Minute™ today and experience the advantages of our technology, regardless of your research field.