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Minute™ Plant ER Enrichment Kit (20 preps)

Cat#: PR-048

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Isolation and enrichment of plant endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is essential for elucidation of ER related cellular functions. Traditional method for ER isolation is tedious and time consuming.  In animal cells, ER is closely associated microtubules and Golgi apparatus are clustered at microtubule organizing center. In plant cells, the ER is associated with actin microfilaments and no microtubule organizing center is found near the nuclei. Due to structural characteristics of plan ER, it is much more difficult to isolate/enrich plant ER than that of animal samples. Minute™ plant ER enrichment kit was specially designed for plants. One to three-fold enrichment of ER fraction can be obtained from plant leave samples in about 1 hour. The enriched ER is essentially free from Golgi apparatus contamination. The enriched ER fraction can be used in plant protein trafficking studies.

A. Ponceau S Stained Blot; B. Western blot with Anti-ER marker antibody (BIP2, Agrisera, Vannas, Sweden. AS 09481). Lanes 1&2: B. napus; Lanes 3&4: N. tabacum; Lanes 5&6: A. thaliana. Lanes 1, 3 & 5: Total Protein; Lanes 2, 4 & 6: ER fractions.

Kit Components:

Buffer A  20 ml
Buffer B 1.2 ml
Buffer C 10 ml
Plastic Rods 2
Filter Cartridge 20
2 ml Collection Tibe 20


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