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Minute™ High-Efficiency Protein Precipitation Kit (30 ml)

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Protein precipitation stands out as a clear strategy for concentrating proteins and eliminating interfering substances present in protein samples, such as salts, lipids, and other elements that might disrupt subsequent applications. Among the widely employed techniques, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) precipitation emerges as a straightforward and efficient method. However, proteins precipitated through the TCA method typically undergo denaturation, often resulting in reduced solubility.

A notable drawback of the conventional TCA/acetone precipitation approach is its diminished efficacy when dealing with samples featuring low protein concentrations. Higher protein concentration samples are precipitated much more efficiently compared to those with lower protein concentrations. In response to these limitations, we have innovated a high-efficiency protein precipitation kit, a refinement of the traditional TCA method. This kit is characterized by its simplicity, rapidity, and heightened effectiveness. It enables the effective precipitation and concentration of proteins at low concentrations in less than 30 minutes.

Kit includes:



Protein Precipitation Solution

30 ml

Washing Solution

30 ml

Solution P 6 ml

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