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Minute™ Single Nucleus Isolation Kit for Tissues/Cells

Cat. # SN-047

  • $315.00

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Isolation and purification of nuclei from tissues and cultured cells are common lab practice. Isolated nuclei, especially single nucleus, are widely used for a variety of experiments such as FACS analysis, single nucleus analysis (such as RNA-seq and ATAC-seq), immunofluorescence staining, cell cycle analysis and apoptosis research. Traditional method for isolation of nuclei is relatively simple and straight forward. However, nucleus aggregation and formation of high percentage of doublets are frequently encountered problems. This kit is specially designed to address these issues. The protocol is simple, rapid and very effective. High percentage of well separated single nucleus can be obtained in about 30 min. In comparison to traditional method the kit requires less starting material and has a larger range of sample size (1-30 mg). The buffers contain proprietary mix of detergents for efficient cell lysis. If the presence of detergent is not desired, a detergent-free nuclei isolation kit is also available under cat# NI-024

Kit includes:



Lysis buffer

15 ml

Washing buffer

20 ml

Pestles for 1.5 ml Tubes

2 units

Filter Cartridge with Collection Tubes

20 units

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