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Minute™ Albumin Depletion Reagent for Plasma and Serum (20 ml)

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Human/animal serum and plasma are the best sources of samples for biomarker identification. However, the presence of albumin in large amounts interferes with many assays and functional proteomic analysis. Serum albumin accounts for 50-70% of the total serum protein that causes loss of resolution for 1D and 2D electrophoresis. Effective removal of albumin using our reagent can increase sensitivity of the assay for many folds. Unlike a resin-based depletion kit (that only deals with microliter amounts of a sample), Minute albumin depletion reagent can handle a few microliters and up to several milliliters of samples. Over 90% of albumin can be removed in less than 5 minutes.



Albumin Depletion Reagent

20 ml


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