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Minute™ SDS-Remover (10 ml)

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Minute™ SDS-Remover (10 ml)

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Manual & ProtocolMaterial Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Sodium dodecyl sulfate is one of the most commonly used detergents for biological research. However, the presence of SDS in the sample could interfere with downstream applications. For instance, SDS must be reduced to below a certain concentration before trypsin digestion of protein can be performed effectively. The presence of SDS in a protein sample could interfere with, and needs to be removed prior to, the analysis. The presence of SDS in protein samples also interferes with antigen-antibody binding and has a negative impact for experiments such as immunoprecipitation and ELISA. This proprietary formulated reagent is designed for fast and easy removal of SDS in solution by precipitation. The efficacy is superior to SDS-removal column and TCA precipitation with minimum protein loss (<20%). Due to the small volume of SDS-Remover used, the final protein concentration of the sample is not significantly impacted.

1. Yoshimura, R., Shigeeda, W., Fujita, Y., Kokaji, T., Deguchi, H., Tomoyasu, M., ... & Saito, H. (2023). Diagnostic method of mass spectrometry for detecting lymph node metastasis of non‐small cell lung cancer. Thoracic Cancer.

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