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Minute™ Organic Solvent-Free Milk Lipid Depletion Kit

Cat. No. ML-044

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Manual & Protocol | Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Human/animal whole milk contain large amount of lipids that should be removed prior to milk protein analysis and purification. Traditionally, organic solvent extraction such as the Folch method is the method of choice. The use of chloroform as organic phase is undesirable due to its toxicity. Many organic solvents can effectively extract lipid from milk but also precipitate proteins that become insoluble upon resuspension. With this kit milk proteins are precipitated in an aqueous environment and can be easily re-dissolved in aqueous buffer systems for downstream applications. The kit can separate whole milk into three fractions: water soluble protein fraction, casein fraction and lipid fraction without using organic solvents. The extracted lipid fraction can be used directly or resuspend in organic solvent of your choice then dried for downstream lipid analysis. Each kit provides sufficient reagents for up to 100 preps based on a 100 μL sample size. The protocol can be scaled up or down depends upon researcher’s need.

Kit includes:



Buffer A

10 ml

Buffer B

20 ml



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