Essential Guide to Best Practices in the Lab II – Invent Biotechnologies Inc.

Essential Guide to Best Practices in the Lab II

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If you work in a life science lab there is undoubtedly something in this eBook that will help you optimize at least one of your workfows. Whether it’s a new method for cell fractionation, tips on selecting plasticware for cell culture applications, guidance on networking PCR in your lab, or a better host cell protein immunoassay, let the experts featured in this eBook guide the way.

 Topics covered in this eBook include: 

  • The benefts of using spin column-based technology for cell fractionation
  • Variables to consider when selecting plasticware for 2D and 3D cell culture applications
  • How to improve overall efciency and management of large PCR-based studies
  • Best practices for HCP detection, quantitation, and removal