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Comparison of Major Golgi Apparatus Isolation Kits

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The Golgi apparatus is consisted of a series offlattened membrane vesicles.The major function of Golgi is to modify proteins for transportation.Modified proteins are transported out of Golgi in coated vesicles that bud off the trans‐cellular membrane. It plays a critical role in protein synthesis  and modification. There are limited selections of commercial kits for isolation of this important organelle. 

Brand/manufacturer Brand# 1 Invent Biotech
Product Name Golgi Isolation Kit nuteTM Golgi Apparatus Enrichment Kit
Mechanism of Isolation Density gradient centrifugation Spin column-based -precipitation
Average sample size Tissue (5 g) Tissue (35 mg) Cells (30 million)
Number of buffers and reagents used 3 4
Buffer preparation prior to use Required Not required
Homogenizer Required Not required
Density gradient formation Not Required Not required
Ultracentrifugation Not Required Not required
Purity of Isolated Golgi Enriched Golgi Enriched cis-Golgi and secretory vesicles of trans-Golgi
Approximate Protocol Time 3.5h 2h