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Comparison of Major Commercial Plant Nuclei Isolation Kits

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The nuclear proteome has recently gained importance in basic and applied research due to the fact that identification of novel nuclear proteins helps to understand protein functions and protein-protein/protein-nucleic acid interactions. Currently there just a few commercial kits available for isolation of plant nuclei. Following table is a side by side comparison of two major brands. 

Brand/Manufacturer Leading Brand MinuteTM
(Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.)
Product Name Plant Nuclei Isolation /Extraction Kit MinuteTM Plant Cytosolic and Nuclear Protein Isolation Kit
Mechanism of Isolation Solution-based Spin column-based
Average sample size 20 g 150 mg
List of required buffers Nuclei Isolation Buffer 4X (NIB)
Sucrose 2.3 M
TRITONX-100 10%
Extraction Buffer
Nuclei PURE Storage Buffer
Buffer A
Buffer B
Buffer C
Liquid nitrogen Required Not required
Buffer dilution prior to experiment Required Not required
Fractions obtained Nuclei Cytosol
Purity of isolated Nuclei Low to high High
Protocol Time >90 min <60 min