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Minute™ ER Enrichment Kit (20 Preps)

Catalog Number: ER-036

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Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is a major membranous structure that functionally connects nuclear membrane and plasma membrane. ER plays a central role in exocytic pathway of protein trafficking in all eukaryotic cells. Proteins synthesized in cytoplasm are translocated into ER from where vesicles shuttle protein cargo to the Golgi apparatus, which subsequently fuses with plasma membrane. Traditional methods for isolating ER are based on density-gradient ultracentrifugation. The protocol requires a large amount of starting material and the methods are tedious and time-consuming, and contain significant cross-contamination. Currently, all commercial kits for ER isolation are based on methods developed in the 1970s. Unlike any other ER isolation kit on the market, our ER isolation kit employs a patented spin-column-based technology that is simple and rapid and requires only a small amount of starting cultured cells or tissues. This kit can differentially precipitate native ER (mainly rough ER) from cultured cells/tissues without using a Dounce homogenizer or ultracentrifugation. The whole protocol can be done in about 2 hours.

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Buffer A

20 ml

Buffer B 1 ml
Buffer C 1 ml
Buffer D 10
Plastic Rods 2
Filter Cartridge 20
Collection Tubes 20

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