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Invent Biotechnologies Announces New Line of Fast, Easy Protein Extraction Kits

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Invent Biotechnologies, manufacturers of innovative molecular biology products for life science research, announce the release of their new line of fast, simple protein extraction kits.  The new Minute™ Kits utilize proprietary spin column-based technology in order to reduce the amount of time required to perform protein extractions by about 90% compared to standard methods, such as RIPA buffer extraction, and offer similarly great time savings while being significantly easier to use than competing protein extraction kits.

“At Invent Biotechnologies, it is our goal to develop innovative products that make laboratory research faster and easier,” explained Dr. Q. Lee, Chief Technology Officer of Invent Biotechnologies.  “The Minute™ Kits allow scientists performing protein research to greatly reduce the time it takes to perform protein extractions and make the process easier and more reproducible while maintaining an affordable price and offering higher or the same protein yields and quality as kits from large competitors.”

With a minimum volume of only 20 microliters, Minute™ Kits allow for smaller samples to be used more efficiently than most other commercially available protein extraction kits, preventing unnecessary dilution and thereby yielding greater protein concentrations in small samples.  By creating protocols that are simpler, have less overall steps, and require less liquid handling than competing kits and methods, Invent Biotechnologies’ Minute™ Kits also reduce opportunities for human error, thereby improving reproducibility.

Minute Kits currently are the fastest protein extraction solution available to researchers.  Four types of Minute™ Kits have been released: Minute™ Denaturing Total Protein Extraction Kits, Minute™ Native Total Protein Extraction Kits, Minute™ Cytoplasmic & Nuclear Extraction Kits, and Minute Bacterial Total Protein Extraction Kits.  All of the Minute Kits are available directly from Invent Biotechnologies.

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